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    Online Editors&Proofreaders-252 MYR (60 USD) for revising 10,000 words-pay you every Friday Hi, I'm Jenny. Although this is a part-time job, you can do the job in a long term. You just need to make sure you are avaible for responsing our message in time to tell us whether you have willingness to accept new tasks:D Job Description: You will need to help the customer to revise their essays and reports which may be about Medicine/Psychology/Law/Sports/Literature/Education/Business/Human Resource Management. Sometimes, you will need to help the customer revise their cover letter, resume and so on. Sometimes, the customer will ask you to help him/her reduce similarity of his/her essays according to Turnitin report. (If you dont know what is Turnitin, you can google it:D) Salary The salary will be paid to you via Paypal every Friday. For revising 10,000 words, there will be 60 usd. (But please notice, we can also pay you in Malaysian ringgit, not only USD. Hence, it is up to you.) This means there will be 30 usd if you revise 5000 words. There will be 15 usd if you revise 2500 words. You just need to calculate how many words you revise every week:D If it is an urgent task which requires you to revise it within 5 hours, there will be extra 2 usd. And we will pay you extra money to cover your transaction fees when you use Paypal. So, dont worry:D Work location: Being online is fine. There is no need to commute. If you want to do this job, please send the following information to me. Here is the following information: 1.Resume 2. Major in college 3. Working Experience 4. Educational Background 5. Electric Stability 6. Address and How is the weather there? (often pouring rain? storm?) 7. Laptop Specs- 8. Availability (Example: 18:00 PHT to 23:00 PHT on every weekdays or weekend) NOTE: Please include your Time Zone. 9. Do you have time to do rush tasks? 10. Are you available to do long-term tasks (at least two months or 6 months)? 11. WhatsApp Account and number and QR code 12. WeChat Account (If you already have a WeChat account, then it is better. If you don’t, then one will be provided for you.) 14. If you have diplomas or certificates, you can also attach in this word document or attach them in the email:D Here is a sample task that you may face and you may need to revise. Please check whether you can handle it. Furthermore, following this event, not only consumer demand in Luxembourg, but the whole world has declined. The reason is that most people are deeply in debt or even bankrupt. Therefore, the Luxembourg government has provided a series of funds to stimulate and intervene in the country's future economic plans to promote employment and commodity demand, help stabilize the economy and reduce unemployment. Regarding interest rates, according to the announcement by the Central Bank of Luxembourg (BCL) in September 2020, the interest rate on time deposits of less than or equal to 1 year for households in the euro area will increase by an average of 5 basis points per month, and the increase in the savings rate leads to an increase in saving and spending reduce. This means that higher interest rates may make more people willing to put their money in the bank rather than spend it.

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    Posted 2 years ago
    Working Remotely
    Writing & Content, Proofreading