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Our core business is B2B SAAS or business-to-business Software As A Service in the form of a gig or contract employment marketplace.  Think of us like Lazada except for contract employment.  Check us out at Most employment portals are essentially staffing companies, working to fulfil client companies' requirements like any other recruitment agency.  Our difference is that we minimise the involvement of humans ('consultants') and allow companies to find the people they want via our portal and we allow people in turn to find their work opportunities also via our portal.  This way, we operate 24/7/365 with near to no need for humans to have to liaise with clients etc. Having said that we rely heavily on our technology to do the bulk of our work, we are now venturing into a specific sector to see whether the companies in that sector 'bite harder' than our other clients.  That sector is F&B food & beverage and retail.    Our Vacancies We're looking for 1-2 interns specifically to support us in exploring this new sector. Some knowledge of marketing is helpful but not critical. We will coach the intern through the necessary learning, if there are shortfalls. The intern(s) will work under our Director of Corporate Sales for the duration of the internship. Management of the relationship with new clients is the core thrust.  The role is very hands-on and there's a lot of individual responsibility involved.   Compensation This is a paid internship but compensation will be based on how much time the individual can commit to us.

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23 February 2024
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