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Suffering from the Top 3 retail hiring problems?


High turnover

Constantly needing to find and hire replacements causes productivity to decrease and expenses to increase.


Expensive hiring processes

Expenses spent on hiring could have been better spent on operations, marketing, and expansion.



Hiring new employees may take a few days to a few weeks, wasting companies' precious time.

Find and hire talented retail employees from over 58,754 Malaysians on MakeTimePay!

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Why should you hire on MakeTimePay?


Convenient centralised hiring processes

mtpQR simplifies processes and provides efficiency by eliminating long-winded paths between the applicant and the recruitment team. All application submissions are channelled directly to one single easily accessible platform.


Continuous reliable workforce

With mtpQR and our very own ranking system, retail companies may benefit from being able to choose the right person to hire and rehire.


Pay and manage talents on the platform

Managing a wide network of employees can be a hassle. MTP allows for ease of talent management by providing features such as hiring histories, payment systems, and direct chat functionalities.


Unlimited job posting

With a very reasonable monthly fee, retail companies are able to post limitless job postings on top of being able to search and find talents they require from on most affordable and economical platform around.


Customisable microsite

On MakeTimePay, retail companies are able to benefit from a one-stop recruitment centre to facilitate their hiring needs as well as represent their branding in the form of a customisable microsite with unique URLs.

Hear What Our Users Have To Say

Plenty of enthusiastic talents from a broad range of skills for a broad range of work. We had, at one time, more than 300+ applicants for a specific task with over 20% of them meeting our requirements. Javelin Edge Sdn Bhd
We explored short-term hiring in a big way with MakeTimePay and it totally paid off. Some work just does not require an expensive permanent staff to do and it helped us save heaps hiring on-demand. And during pandemic-season - this gives us a peace of mind in managing our cashflow. INKA Creative Sdn Bhd
MTP Assisted Hiring

Easy hiring made easier

MakeTimePay makes hiring easy. MakeTimePay’s Assisted Hiring, however, makes it much simpler. With Assisted Hiring, MakeTimePay will greatly increase a company’s posting visibility on various platforms as an initiative to ensure all of a company’s hiring needs are met. Your success is our satisfaction.

Social Media Sharing
Sharing job postings on MTP’s social media platforms with included design templates and copywriting
Social Media Groups
Sharing sign-up materials on social media groups like Facebook groups
Communication Channels
Sharing sign-up materials on communication channels like Telegram groups
Sponsored Posts
Advertising job postings on social media platforms through targeted ads
Email Blasting
Promoting postings through emails to internal and external databases
Once a quarter
Once a month
Creation of Landing Pages
Landing pages design and creation per contract year
Material Placement
Strategic material placements per contract year
Digital Out Of Home placements in malls and petrol stations

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